O hi flabby Tum…


Old photos have come back to haunt me! Facebook’s time hop is officially the devil to me! Who wants to see photos of when I was skinny, young and not going grey!  Not me!

Now I know I’m not fat but I’m certainly not where I want to be with my body. The post baby body is not the body I remember or am greatly fond of.

Don’t get me wrong I completely admire what my bodies done producing an amazing little boy and beautiful baby girl but still that doesn’t make me like the flabby tum, saggy boobs and stretch marks anymore. I wish I was someone who states that they love ever mark and sag because its produced their babies!

The funny thing is up until I had babies I was always on a diet, wanting to be a stone lighter! Now I would love to be back to that size once more! I don’t think I’ll ever be happy with my body, I wish I could be!

I feel under so much pressure to lose the baby weight and get my body back. It’s not the hubby: he really doesn’t care if I never lose the baby weight again, I’m a good 2 stone heavier than when we met 13 years ago and I don’t think he’s even noticed. But hey he’s changed a fair bit since we met too but I couldn’t give a hoot! In fact I think he’s all the better for it.

I don’t even know why I feel so much pressure! No ones said to me you need to lose the weight, far from! I’m not a big one for caring what celebrities look like after giving birth so that certainly isn’t making an impact on me. I actually think the pressure is purely from myself! Christ, I gave birth 6 weeks ago, I’m allowed to have a few months to lose the weight, 9 months on 9 months off and all that, I know this! I actually preach this to all my pregnant and mummy friends! So why am I putting myself under so much pressure?

I think it’s a combination of wanting to look like I have it all together, being back in my old clothes and being jealous of all my skinny friends! I’ve started Slimming World and it’s going well but (now this will sound strange) the more pressure I put on myself the more I think about food and the more I eat! Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this or am I crazy??

So come on Charlie stop stressing, stop worrying, stop putting yourself under so much pressure because you will lose the weight in time!


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