Louie’s 19 month update


Louie’s 19 months, a lot can happen in a month, here’s his update:

Routine: We’ve got the routine down to a fine art now but I would prefer the morning wake up call to be after 5.30am but as this has been the case for the last 12 months I don’t think it’s going to change anytime soon. Bedtime is still 7.30 after a nice bath although now Louie shares his bath with Evie which he loves. Since his last update nothing has greatly changed routine wise except for his new sister making an appearance.

Shoe Size: 6 and a half.

Feeding: Louie is still a picky eater but we have come leaps and bounds over the last few weeks. I’ve been making a big effort to introduce new foods, sit at the table as a family each evening and make eating more fun by cutting food into shapes etc. Louie will now eat sandwiches if I cut them in shapes and spaghetti (although still no other shape pasta). He loves: salmon, any fruit, any cheese, yoghurt, weetabix, porridge, soup, peas, sweetcorn, chips :-/, crisps :-/, pizza :-/, olives, jelly, Ham and Sausage. He refuses to eat: any meat except for ham and sausage, rice, couscous, pasta that’s not spaghetti, any vegetable that I’ve not mentioned above, anything fried which is not a bad thing (except for chips) and cake (again is not a bad thing).

Clothing size: 18-24 months

Sleep: As I mentioned in his routine 7.30pm-5am, he sleeps through I would say 75% of the time now.

Speech: Louie can say a big range of words now, his favourite are More, All gone, E.T (which is supposed to be Evie), Daddy, Mummy, Dog, Bird, Lorry, Tractor, Bye Bye, Digger and Outside. His speech is still a little slower than some of his friends but I’m not worried.

Favourite Activity: hoovering, Playing outside, pushing his cars around, making Mummy cups of tea, holding Evie, teasing the dogs, mowing the lawn and football. He never watches the TV, doesn’t even look at it, would much rather be running around which I love.

Milestone: Louie knows and points at most parts of the body and face, he also knows most animals and makes the noises like oink, moo, baa, quack etc. He also can count to 3 and knows some shapes like square, circle, star etc.

My Favourite Photos from the last month:

image image image image image image image image

Until next month.

Charlie x

3 thoughts on “Louie’s 19 month update

  1. Oh he is adorable. My little one also loves to be my 5:30am alarm clock. Whatever we try it is still the same so have just decided that she is an early bird x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Same here, we’re done the black out blind, giving him more food, later bed time, less naps, more naps, everything but still 5-5.30 wake up call! I don’t know who he gets it from because me and the hubs love our sleep! Glad I’m not the only one that has an early riser! X


      1. Lol yeps i feel u. Me and hubby also love sleeps. Im hoping bubba number 2’s internal patterns are not goin to be the same when she is out. Cuz she currently kicks away at like 11pm nd later. And is kicking away again by 6am lol xx


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