Mummy Friday: My advice to anyone expecting their second baby…


Mummy Friday is back!

Evie’s now 9 weeks and in that 9 weeks I’ve learnt a lot. Also in that time I’ve had quite a few emails and tweets asking advice from other mummy’s expecting their second child. God knows why you guys are asking me I’m barely holding it together! 😜

I’ve had a good think about this and there really is only one piece of advice I can offer and that is don’t expect too much! By that I mean, the house will not be as tidy as you would like. My toddler is like a little tornado destroying everything in his path at an incredibly quick rate. This was fine to keep up with when I only had him to worry about now I don’t have time to follow him around picking up everything as I go, I have a baby to feed and cradle.

You will have days of looking rough, don’t expect to look perfect all the time because it just won’t happen. Showers are super quick, drying hair is more of a blast if you are lucky and makeup is minimal if any. A messy ponytail and a smudge of mascara is more like it these days. Clothes are old, I don’t have time to shop or read magazines to even know what the latest fashion is let alone take part in it. The body is not what it once was so baggy tops and leggings are my staples.

Leaving the house won’t happen as much as it once did, don’t expect to be able to head out everyday to all the things to used to do. Logistics are hard with 2 so loading in and out of the car is a mission. Plus every other week we have a bug/teething/tantrums/lack of sleep to contend with! The toddler groups, soft play and the park are difficult on your own as you can’t follow your toddler around helping them climb the frames and dive into the ball pit with a newborn in the pram.

Lack of sleep, lack of energy and feeling generally a bit rubbish about yourself mean some days are hard. But there are also loads of rewards to being a mummy of two. Everyday I have the pleasure of seeing my toddler and baby form a bond that will last a life time. I get to giggle and play with my toddler and cuddle and coo over my beautiful baby. It’s amazing how much love you have for your little family.

If you’re expecting your second don’t worry or stress, remember the tough times won’t last forever but the bond you have with your babies will.

Charlie xxx

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