Primp it Wednesday: New Hair, New Me

Primp it Wednesday is here and I’m talking hair.

I’ve spoken about my hair loss with Louie before on the blog but just incase you didn’t see the post I’ll do a quick recap.

Everyone told me that when I fell pregnant my hair would turn thick and glossy! I’ve always had ok hair, not thick, not thin, just the average really so I was excited to rock my new locks. Well that just didn’t happen!!! In fact the opposite, when I fell pregnant with my first-born Louie I lost a lot of hair and it didn’t stop until around 6 months after he was born. I had bald patches all over and a little bit of my confidence went with each strand lost.

6 months after Louie was born it started to grow back and when I fell pregnant with Evie it was around 2 inches long. I was terrified it could happen again the whole time I was pregnant with Evie so stopped colouring my hair to not add to the stress of it. As it happens Evie is now 2 months old and although I have lost some hair it’s not in the same league as before. So I thought it’s about time to get my hair groove back.

I headed back to the hair dressers this morning and now I’m an ombre lob girl! Here’s the finished article: (excuse the eyebrows and paleness, eyebrows and tan are next week!) I’m starting to feel much more Charlie and much less frumpy Mummy!


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