Choose your weapon carefully..

Choose your weapon of choice carefully.

No I’m not talking about how to get ‘rid’ of the hubby, Christ, I need him to help with the babies. I’m talking choosing your sleep weapon carefully. That thing that your baby relies on to get to sleep. We all have one, whether it be a dummy, rocking, white noise, music etc.

When trying to get louie to sleep I’m not going to lie we tried EVERYTHING! In sheer desperation to get the boy to even sleep for a solid hour at night I tried everything.. the dummy, the hair dryer, the hoover, feeding to sleep, rocking to sleep, cot mobiles, the car, the pram, silence, music and the vibrating bouncy chair. You name it we tried it! Louie was a hideous sleeper, a nightmare, the devil baby at night. It didn’t help that he suffered from colic and reflux but that was just the icing on the cake. Louie was a grumpy baby… Not anymore so ladies there is light at the end of the tunnel if you’re in the same boat.

In the end it was Ewan the dream sheep that won the weapon battle! Back left paw (hoof?!) switched on and popped next to the right side of Louie’s head. This was all great… Lovely jubbly… Until every time Louie stirred in the night he needed the Sheeps noise to send him to sleep! Que me pressing back left paw 25 times a night! Things did get better needless to say as Louie started to figure out how to press it himself… until we caught a sickness bug and Louie projectile vomited all over poor Ewan! Ewan is sponge clean only… Bugger…. No sponge was cleaning up that baby… It’s fine I thought.. I’ll pop to John Lewis and get a new one. Plan!

Until when we put batteries in Ewan two and realised the sounds had changed. What would Louie know… He’s only 10 months old, a sheep’s a sheep we said. Well this is not the case. Several nights of screaming later I put original Ewan in the washing machine at the risk of sacrificing the mechanics. Desperation called and Ewan 2 wasn’t cutting the biscuit! I’d had no sleep in nearly a week and was willing to try anything. Ewan the first came out of the washing machine and what I feared would happen did… Back left paw no longer made any noise no matter how many times we changed the batteries. Bloody hell.. what were we gonna do now!! Well in the end after what seemed months (was in fact 10 days) Louie accepted Ewan 2, as long as he had Ewan the first as well.

Well now we’re in the pickle of having to have both sheep with him when he sleeps, he won’t settle unless both are present and accounted for.

So the moral of my story is… Pick your battle carefully! If you’re relying on a dummy expect to have to get up many times in the night to pop it back in and expect it to sneak into the day time! Fine until they turn 3 and you realise you never got around to getting rid of it.. Good luck with that battle. Or you have a 2-year-old that still needs to be rocked to sleep every night: might be a good work out on those triceps but who wants to be doing that when they turn 10!

Or you could be in our boat.. And have the sheep situation… And dread the next sickness bug or leaky nappy.. We could end up with Ewan the third, fourth, fifth, sixth… I think you get the picture!

We’re currently picking Evie’s weapon and weighing up the options! I don’t actually think there is a lesser evil! I’m hoping to try to go without a weapon but sleep deprivation might kick in and the dummy or dream sheep might come out to save the day.


Charlie xx

4 thoughts on “Choose your weapon carefully..

  1. Ha ha – Ewan strikes… First one has a thumb which is great now, but what happens when she goes to school? Baby D we’re still figuring out. I’m doing a lot of encouraging him to settle himself but I find whimpers and cries upsetting and would never leave him too long. Dummies scare me… Good luck! X

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