A post pregnancy body update…

So it’s been 3 months since little Evie arrived in to our lives and yesterday I hit my pre pregnancy weight! It took me 9 months after Louie was born to get to this weight so happy is an understatement.

I’m pretty chuffed and I’m not going to lie the last 6 weeks of dieting haven’t been easy! I’ve now lost 33 pounds since I had Evie. 14 of those dropped off naturally in the first 2 weeks, another 5 had gone by the time Evie was 6 weeks with the help of breast-feeding. The rest (14 pounds) I’ve lost with the help of Slimming World.

Usually I’m a rubbish dieter, giving up after only a couple of weeks but this time I’ve found my motivation and I’ve been on it like a car bonnet. I also started back at the gym last week putting both kiddies in the gym crèche, I was pretty nervous about putting them in! I’m pleased to say Louie loves it and Evie has slept through the whole thing each time!

My tummy is still not where I want it to be, my butt is still bigger than I remember it being and my boobs: well they’ve had it and nothing apart from surgery is gonna help those puppies. Even though I’m back to my pre pregnancy weight I’ve decided to set myself a new target of losing another 14 pounds, 7 of those by the time I go on holiday in September.

I’m not going to do before and after photos just yet, in honesty my confidence is still pretty shot but once I hit my holiday target I’ll post a little photo I promise.

I seriously can’t rave about slimming world enough, carbs are back on the menu!

Charlie xx

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