Why I wish my toddler would watch TV!

Louie’s never been bothered by the TV and by bothered I mean never even looked at it! Except for once 2 months ago when there was an advert for a Hoover, he pointed made a brum noise then ran off.

It’s probably down to the fact as a family we don’t have it on very often, we’re always out and about or playing games. Even in the evenings once the kiddies are down me and the hubs don’t really watch TV, choosing to read, chat, eat, tidy and sleep, sleep, actually mainly sleep.

I always loved this about Louie, loved that he would rather spend time running around, reading books, playing trains and spending time in the garden. Then Evie came along…

image image image

3 months ago Evie was born and all of a sudden I found myself hoping, wishing, praying that Louie would just sit down and watch telly, just for 10 minutes. 10 minutes of precious time whilst I fed Evie or loaded the dishwasher. 10 minutes of precious time to put dinner on or change Evie’s nappy.

Judge me as you wish but TV seemed such a great tool to keep my crazy toddler entertained if only for a moment so mummy can grab a cuppa. I longed for that little face of his to be transfixed to the gogglebox. I found I was putting Mr Tumble, Thomas the tank engine and pip ahoy on in the background everyday. Pointing at the TV every time I saw a train, cat, lorry, dog… Well anything that Louie loves, to see if it would grab Louie’s attention. I know every blinking tune to every rubbish show on the kids channel. Putting myself through all that to no success.

So I’ve realised that as much as yes it would make my life easier at the moment, that actually I should be happy that he shows no interest. I know there will be a time in his teenage years that I will moan that he watches too much TV.

I will embrace these times and just think at least I’m getting plenty of exercise, who needs to sit down anyway!

Charlie xx

3 thoughts on “Why I wish my toddler would watch TV!

  1. Haha. I have a love/hate with TV currently. There are moments I am happy it gives me a moment to get things done and then guilt that I am doing exactly what I said I would never do. Love your attitude with it.

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