Entertaining a Toddler on a Plane

We off on holiday at the end of the week, our first as a family of four. I’m excited but also pretty nervous! Nervous about the long drive to the airport (3 hours eek), the plane journey (2 hours) and drive to the hotel (1 and half hours) with a toddler and baby in tow.

As I’ve mentioned in posts before, Louie who is 21 months now doesn’t watch TV, never has. So when people have suggested taking our tablet with us with children’s programs downloaded on, it just isn’t going to work. I’ve been thinking of other ideas on how to entertain Louie on the long journey.

I’ve invested in a Trunki for Louie, I know he’ll love it as he loves anything he can ride on; that’s the airport entertainment sorted. Although I was never really worried about the airport anyway as there are people he can watch, food he can eat and shops he can look around as well as room for him to run like a mad man who is currently his favourite thing.


The idea of the Trunki was to not only to give Louie some fun in the airport but also to stuff full with bits to keep him amused on the long arse journey.

Inside I have stuffed with:

Various Books: some pop up, some flap, some just normal, most with a holiday theme about flying, swimming, the sea, the sky etc

A colouring book with crayons (felt tips are too dangerous: Louie might colour in the plane!)


A Duplo plane set

I’ve wrapped all these up in different gift wrap, gives it all a bit more excitement plus kills a little bit more time.

I’ll also be adding a carton of milk, some tupperware boxes of prepped fruit, small bag of chocolate buttons (Louie never has chocolate but we are going on holiday so surely he’s allowed a little treat?!) and a bag of rice cakes.

The little suitcase is also where I’m going to keep some of Louie’s spare nappies, baby wipes, suntan lotion and change of clothes.

I’m packing in my suitcase more books and some little cars I picked up for the pound shop for the journey home!!! (Have to remember we have another 8 hours of entertainment on the depressing journey home!!)

Wish me luck, let’s hope there’s not to many screams, tears or pacing up and down the plane and that we’re not that family every one looks at and feels glad it’s not there toddler kicking off 😳

Charlie xx

One thought on “Entertaining a Toddler on a Plane

  1. I can’t wait to hear how this all went when you return. Next year I will be travelling over 30 hours from Australia to the US for my brother’s wedding with a 3 y/o and 1.5y/o in tow. I’ll definitely be borrowing some of your ideas so thanks!

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