We survived the plane with 2 under 2, here’s how we got on..

The time had finally reached us! That challenging day of travelling to get to our holiday destination.

I can honestly say it wasn’t a day that exactly ‘went to plan’ but with kids when does it go to plan?! What I can say is we made it in one piece, just!

Anyway, here’s what happened….

We had to be up and leave the house by 3.30am so the plan was to put the kids to bed in the normal manner at 7. That was until the hubby piped up that he wouldn’t be finishing work until half 8 – okay that’s fine I can do this on my own!

With a bit of juggling I managed to get them both bathed and in the their Pj’s, Evie had her milk and was down in her cot. Now just for Louie. I read the usual million books, then light off and in his bed. Normally Louie and Evie go straight to sleep. Normally there is not a peep from them but of course as we’ve got to be up at stupid o’clock and I’m hubbyless, of course they both play up. Kindly waking each other, each time one settles the other would scream! Why?? When I have a million things to organise, when I want to get in bed by 9 so I can feel semi-human for the next day!

After an hour of up and down the stairs settling one then the other there is finally silence. I run around like a blue arsed fly tidying and get the last few bits together, the hubby returns so we load the car and grab a bite to eat.

We head off to bed at a respectable 10.30 with alarm clocks set for 2.45am. 11.45 and I hear a stirring Evie, quick feed and back to sleep… 1.30 I hear a screaming Louie… Damn it… Can I get him to settle again – no! I can’t believe it, Louie’s not played up in the night in months and he picks the night we’re off on holiday.

So with little to no sleep we all get up at 1.30, shower, pack the rest of the stuff up and head on our way to the airport. Luckily both children fall asleep and the 2 hour journey in the car is relatively uneventful. Phase 1 complete.

With 3 large suit cases, 2 rucksack’s of hand luggage, a Trunki, changing bag, double buggy and 2 babies, the hubby and I resemble 2 cart horses as we lug everything into the airport.

We’ve already done the online check in, so we’re expecting a quick luggage drop off but alas no, 1 hour of queuing and we finally have the bags dropped off. By this point a very awake Louie and Evie’s patience had been tested! As you can imagine. passing through security was interesting! 2 screaming babies, a hell of a lot of liquids to be tested, a buggy, plus removal of shoes, belts, coats, bags, clothes (exaggerated on that one) but still, we manage to get through. Phase 2 complete!

A full English was called for, followed by a nappy change for both. Of course this is when we realise we are running very late and have to make a movie scene dash for the gate! Yep, we were the people everyone was waiting for before the plane could take off! *hangs head in shame*

As we’re so late it’s a quick get in your seats, seat belts on and take off as quickly as possible before we miss our flight slot. In theory this is great, no hanging around on the run way etc but I feel this warm sensation down my legs! With Louie on my lap (he doesn’t get his own seat until he’s 3) I realise that Yep, in the rush of everything Louies nappy hadn’t been put on properly! I was literally soaked from the waist down, In the travel bag I had packed spare clothes for the kids but hadn’t even thought about myself. And there was bugger all I could do about it until the plane was up and the seat belt sign was off!!! 😂😂😂

Anyway plane was up, seat belt sign off, Louie changed and nice and dry, me not so much but blanket across my legs – it could have been worse. The rest of the flight was actually fine with Louie, he read his books, had a few walks up and down the plane. Ate his snacks, played with his duplo and chatted to others on the plane! My perfect little man.

Evie on the other hand had several melt downs, couldn’t settle and wasn’t herself at all! (Little did I know that the very next day she would sprout her first tooth!! Typical that happens on holiday)

Finally we head off the plane, through passport control with Louie happy as Larry on his Trunki. Evie had finally given in to sleep in my arms.

We just had to pick up the luggage, just to make things dufficult, it takes nearly 2 hours to arrive! I’ll be honest that was a fairly testing time with 2 under 2, no buggy, in one room with nothing to do! Of course the airline doesn’t think about sending out the buggys first and leaves them as the very last thing!

Finally everything arrives, we head to the bus (where of course everyone is waiting for us as we are last people to get on!! Again!)

Bus journey was fairly straight forward, Evie slept and Louie looked out the window at the planes, diggers, buses etc before finally falling asleep for the last 20 mins of the journey.


So to round it all up, yes it was hard work, yes it wasn’t an easy task but was it all worth it? Most certainly. We had the most wonderful family holiday and I can’t wait for the next one.

My advice to anyone flying with little ones:

Dont stress out! We laughed the whole time, when the babies were screaming, when we were rushing, when Louie was running riot all over the plane, the whole time we laughed because what’s the point in shouting and getting stressed out.

Dont worry about other people on the plane! There were loads of other screaming babies on the flight. Yes it’s not very nice for other people to hear a screaming baby but it’s 2 hours of their life! I’m sure they will get over it!!

And lastly, come prepared. We had snacks, toys, books, baby wipes, drinks and nappies all to hand. Note to self: don’t only pack a change of outfit for the kids, pack one for myself too!!!

Charlie xx

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