Staying organised: How I get through the days

A lot of you lovely lot often ask how I get through the days and manage to get dressed, get out the house and survive.

Well… The key for me is to stay organised, I plan and prepare everything. So here are my tops tips for being an organised Mummy.


  1. Do everything online! I literally shop for everything online, the food shop, clothes, gifts, makeup, you name it if I can buy it online I will. Going to the shops with both babies is a stress I really don’t need or want.
  2. Plan! I meal plan, write lists of things that need to be done and write on a wall calendar and diary every appointment and play date.
  3. I prep every night for the next day! I prep fruit and veg snack pots, cups and bottles! Layout the clothes for all of us and put a stash of nappies, baby wipes and essential down stairs.
  4. I always go to bed with a tidy house! There is nothing worse than coming down the stairs with 2 hungry babies in the morning to a messy living room and washing up all over the kitchen work tops.
  5. Be realistic! It’s not possible to do everything, I would love to say yes to every play date and new toddler group but if I signed up to everything than I would get stressed out! I plan to do 1 thing a day (1 play date or 1 toddler group) and then on the day if I decided that we can fit more in then great.
  6. I have a 5 minute hair and makeup routine, I use the same 5 products and can pretty much do it without a mirror because I do the same each day. Routine is a big thing for me.
  7. Tidy as you go! I don’t have 1 set day a week to do cleaning, I used to try to do this but it is impossible with kids! Guarantee the day I’ve put aside for tidying is the day evie won’t let me put her down or louie is in tantrum mode. So I do it as I go! Much easier plus I then don’t feel stressed with seeing the house a mess.

That’s it really… No big secret, just organisation.

Charlie x

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