‘You pick your battles’


‘You pick your battles’ is a phrase I use probably twice a day, a phrase I stand by massively.

My toddler isn’t perfectly behaved, he doesn’t sit quietly and never answer back. He has tantrums, cries drama filled tears and mostly always does the opposite of what I’ve asked.

Is my child naughty? No, he’s a toddler! He exploring, testing and learning. Yes, I’m fully aware that this is the time where I should be setting boundaries, helping Louie to understand what’s right and wrong and guide him in life, this is something I strive to do.

Having said that I’m also not one of ‘those’ mums you see on a regular basis that want their children to be seen and not heard, to sit still and take life very seriously. I want my toddler to be a toddler, to be cheeky and explore, happy and innocent.

I would never accept bad behaviour like hitting, screaming and spitefulness but when it’s something small then I pick my battle. For example when Louie insists on eating his breakfast out of his wooden kitchen sink on the floor in the living room with a fork instead of a spoon and I know that getting him to sit at the table is going to be drama I ‘pick my battle’. At the end of the day does it hurt anyone sitting on the floor? No. Is it a massive big deal that he’s eating his cereal with a fork and out of a wooden play sink? No. He’s just being a toddler and expressing himself, having fun. He has years ahead to be boring and conform. I want him to see everything as a game and have fun, after all he is a child!!!

I love hearing Louie giggle whilst tipping water in and out of cups on the kitchen floor making a big mess, nothing a mop won’t fix later. I love hearing Louie scream with excitement when he’s wearing odd shoes when we’re leaving the house for a play date and I especially love watching his face light up when he drinks his juice out of the trailer of his favourite dump truck toy.  Are these all things I’d prefer him not to do? Of course but if it doesn’t hurt anyone and brings that much joy to his life then I ‘pick my battle’ and let him do it.

At the end of the day I know that one day in the not so distant future he’ll stop doing these quirky little things, the marks on the walls will fade and my house will be tidy and in order, but let’s be honest; I’ll miss it terribly.

Here’s to crazy, happy, messy family love.

Charlie xxx

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