Blink and you might miss it


Blink and you might miss it! My Evie is only blinking 5 months old! Wow.

In the last few weeks Evie has changed massively and her personality has started to shine through. I’ve started to get to know a very determined and stubborn little girl who smiles at almost everything. She loves tickles under her arms and kisses on her feet, she loves to lay next her brother giggling whilst he whispers in her ear.

Evie has started to play the clown, doing things to get a reaction and attention, especially to Daddy. The reaction she gives when she receives attention is so incredibly cute, her arms are flung in the air like she just don’t care, the head gets tipped back and she lets out a little snort of excitement.

She hates her car seat with a passion, I know this is because she gets bored very easily and hates just staring at the back of a car seat. This will soon be rectified when she moves up to the next seat and she can see her brother and nosey out the window.

Evie is a very hungry girl, still having feeds every 2 hours during the day and every 3-4 hours at night. The main reason she feeds so often during the day is because she will only drink a max of 100mls/4oz, no matter what we do she won’t change this habit. This is why I plan to start weaning in the next couple of weeks in the hope she gets fuller for longer.

So with that in mind Evie still wakes for at least 2 feeds a night, although one blessing is she goes down like a dream. We bath at 7, then pjs, feed and bed by half 7. She always goes straight to sleep and settles herself sucking her thumb as she now doesn’t fall asleep during her bottle.

We have put the cot mobile away as it now irritates her, it used to be a firm favourite which just shows how much she’s changing. The play mat has started to be used more as she loves to have a good kick around although still no sign of a roll over. The feet are yet to be discovered but Evie is fully aware of her hands and loves to explore mine and Daddy’s face. She grabs everything in sight now and pops it straight in her mouth so we have to be vigilant with making sure Louie doesn’t put anything he shouldn’t on her mat.

Her bond with her brother is now stronger than ever! Evie will look around madly to see her brother and follow his sounds, she gets quite upset if she can’t see him. Louie won’t stop kissing and cuddling Evie and when we’re out he proudly leads friends over to show off his sister, patting her on the head and shouting Evie.


Evie’s eyes are now a bright light blue and her hair, which once was a full head, is now a nice mullet as she’s losing it at a rapid rate. The new hair growing through is no longer almost black and it is  difficult to figure out if she’s going to be light brown or blonde; time will tell.

The bottom two teeth have sprouted, Evie was so good, only a couple of days of grumpiness when they finally decided to break through.

A size 4 nappy is needed as the poor girl takes after her mother in the booty stakes and I think she’ll be able to give Kim Kardashian a good run for her money when she’s older. We’ve also just moved up to 6-9 month old clothes as the girl is packing on the pounds, the rolls on those little thighs are edible.

Evie is a complete chatter box and never stops making noises, something her brother didn’t do. Her brother was much more occupied with trying to move around, Evie is much more of a talker than a mover.



This month ahead is going to be a big one, not only for Evie and her milestones and development but also for Mummy. We will move her into her own room in the few weeks ahead and start the weaning process, both things that I will struggle with as it means my baby is growing up.

Heres to another month of getting to know my beautiful daughter.

Charlie xx

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