Evies turning the big 0.5…


Evie’s 6 months and it’s that time again… Time for an update.

Yes yes I know I’ve been postless the last few weeks, why haven’t I blogged I hear you ask (or not!)? Because I didn’t want to, simple as!

Anyway, I’m back!

Evie’s sleeping habits are all over the show. We’ve had some bad, bad, bad nights, some okay nights and some bloody brilliant nights (actually just one of those, but more on that later). We’ve had some 3am wake up calls with a little feed an hour and half before, nights with just 1 feed, nights with 3 feeds and 1 night with a sleep through. I’m not talking the health visitor version of a sleep through. I don’t count 4-5 hours a sleep through like they do, I count that as a still knackered mummy night. I count a sleep through as going down at bedtime and waking up in the morning with any time starting with a 5 onwards – we have had one of those! One precious night of 11 hours sleep!!!! Wow that was nice. One big sleep change has been that Evie is now in her own room which has helped no end with Mummy’s sleep! I now don’t wake up at every little sound whichs mean I get a least a few hours of well needed kip a night.

Evie is now eating solids, a mix of puree and baby led weaning. It’s all fun, although it’s another thing to add to the list of things to do! Cooking and puréeing veg, sorting picky bits that are suitable for Evie to explore herself and of course remembering to actually feed Evie at set meal times. We are now on two little meals a day, breakfast and dinner and so far the girl is loving it. Fruit and veg are the main items at the moment although I’ve thrown in a few lumps of cheese and some toast once or twice and they seem to be going down a treat.


We have discovered our feet, it’s about time! Plus we are officially sitting up unaided, rolling can be done but isn’t very often, Evie is far too chilled to be bothered with the whole movement thing! Louie was rocking and a rolling, moving and a grooving all the time by now, Evie is a chilled bean and would rather lay and watch her brother do the moving for her. This little one is not going to be crawling for a very long time.

Evie loves to giggle at everything Louie does and Louie is happy to play the clown and entertain her. She loves peek a boo and mummy pulling funny faces, plus we can always guarantee a giggle at bath time.


We went swimming for the first time and this was a major hit! Splashing herself and everyone around with smiles and laughs, Evie really doesn’t give a hoot when covered head to toe in water which is great as this is the complete opposite to her brother who can’t stand it.

I finally got the girl weighed, I won’t be getting any gold stars for weigh in clinics as I hadn’t had Evie weighed since she was 6 weeks. When Evie was 6 weeks she weighed 9lbs, she has now doubled that, weighing just over 18lbs! That’s my girl, a little chunk.

Evie’s eyes have settled on blue, I swear going lighter and lighter each week. The hair is still trying to sort itself out, the mullet is still a mix of white blonde and dark brown so god only knows what’s going on there.


Still no more teeth, just the two little ones at the bottom that sprouted a while back. Having said that I think another is about to make an entrance at the top as she’s been dribbling like a good’un and has a little rash around her month which is a sign a tooth is coming.

So that’s if for now.

I hope this month slows down a little as its flying past!!!


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