Louies two…


Louie’s two, my baby boy is two!!! Wow, I’m emotional!

So let’s talk all things Louie. It’s been a while since I’ve done a Louie update as life has been pretty busy so I think it’s well overdue.

Louie is the most caring, gentle, crazy, funny and loving little boy; I’m so proud of him it’s ridiculous. He has settled into big brother duties better than I could have ever dreamed. He loves his little sister, kissing, cuddling and involving her in every game he plays. He asks where she is as soon as he gets up in the morning, jumps with excitement when she returns from a nap and proudly shows her off to everyone who visits.

Sleep has been something of a battle, we can have spells of Louie sleeping 10 hours at night and sleeping like a dream, then we can hit a wall and Louie can play up for a few weeks before settling back into a good routine. I think this is because he is now fully aware that he can make decisions, he doesn’t want to miss out on anything, he has better things to do than sleep. Louie still has one nap a day, if I left him he would sleep for 3 hours but if I leave him to sleep that long sleeping at night would not happen so I wake him after an hour and a half. Louie can’t sleep without his beloved Ewan the dream sheep and a nice hot bath. Books have to be read for a good twenty minutes before finally heading to his cot after a cup of milk.


We haven’t made the change over from cot to bed yet, purely because I’m a bit scared to do so. Louie wouldn’t be able to resist getting out of bed and I don’t think he is quite old enough to properly negotiate with. I think we will make this change over Christmas! I might put it off for a bit longer if possible, what’s the rush after all?

Last month Louie started pre school two mornings a week, it’s only 4 hours in total a week but for me it feels like forever. To start with Louie settled in really well with no tears, then 3 weeks later he started to melt down when I dropped him off! Now he’s starting to enjoy it once more. I ache for him when I drop him off, sounds odd I know as its only 4 hours a week but still, I’m hoping other mums understand what the hell I’m talking about.


Louie loves: tractors, playdoh, diggers, buses, running, playing in the garden, softplay, reading his books, pretending to make tea, Daddy’s car and splashing in puddles.

Louie hates: swimming, bathing, just about anything water related!

Louies eating habits = ups and downs! Currently we are in a down! Everything’s a battle. He actually likes most food but won’t sit still to eat any of it! He won’t do a highchair or booster seat but trying to get him to sit and stay at a table without strapping him down is impossible! So we continue to battle hoping that one day it will click and it will no longer be such hard work.

Louie will eat: any fruit, olives, carrots, asparagus, corn on the cob, sweetcorn, peas, any cheese, prawns, salmon, tuna, ham, chicken, mincemeat, egg, humus, yoghurt, garlic bread, occasionally pasta, Crossiants, occasionally bread, wraps/pitta bread, jelly and crisps.

Louie refuses to eat: pasta 50% of the time, bread 50% of the time, potatoes, couscous, rice, cauliflower, cereal, Quiche, pastry, any dessert for example apple crumble/Apple pie/cheese cake/trifle/ sponge cake.

I couldn’t tell you Louie’s favourite meals, purely because one day I will cook a meal which he will scoff so I think he loves it, i will cook again a week later and he will refuse to eat saying it’s yuk! so who knows!

Louie’s speech has come on leaps and bounds over the last couple of months. He will attempt to say just about everything now and has started to put 3 or 4 words together forming short sentences. Its making life a lot easier and Louie a lot happier as we are able to communicate easier and we now know what he wants most of the time instead of him screaming at me in frustration.


Louies favourite book is George the Dragon and favourite song is if your happy and you know it and he sings this every night with Daddy before bedtime.

Louie’s a thinker, watching and analysing before doing: much more like his father as I’m more of a feet first kinda girl. He’s always giggling, he has now started to make jokes and tries to make us laugh. His imagination is amazing and every day I feel blessed having him as my little boy. I just hope it all slows down and the next year doesn’t zoom past as quickly.


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