I’ve got major goals for this year coming, I’ve been blogging for almost a year now and although it’s time-consuming I love having something for me. I’m not a strong writer, I’m not going to pretend I am! I also know I’m not the most riveting but nevertheless little old me likes to blog and I have a few little followers that have always been kind to me and that makes me happy.

As much as this is very much a hobby for me it doesn’t stop me from having goals. I want to redesign my blog; I literally hate with a passion the way it looks and navigates. I also want to change the days I blog and the way I blog: linking up with various fellow bloggers.

The one major goal I have and have been playing around with is Video blogging, I’ve now set up my you tube channel although yet to upload. I have tons of ideas but no balls to follow through with it all yet. So with that in mind I’m a big believer in grabbing the bull by the horns and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

So next Wednesday no matter what I will be uploading my first video, it will be short and sweet just introducing little old me but it will be a video! I will be embarrassed and I cringe at the thought of a video being live but how bad can it be? It wont be me swinging my bra around my head drunken dancing on the table of the local night club with my bestie as those days have long gone! (Sorry to disappoint you). It will be a simple affair of me sitting down fully dressed chatting to a camera about my life and children. How hard can it be 😱

I really want this year ahead to be my blogging year and I hope you all join me for the ride.


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