Our trip to Bluestone


The journey was long… 7 hours. 7 hours in the car with a two-year old and a 6 month old… In that 7 hours we encountered several different bodily fluids, numerous chocolate bribes and there was 20 odd youtube videos of tractors and diggers watched. There was singing, crying, laughing, snoring and arguing before reaching our destination. Destination Bluestone!

After 7 hours driving we were pretty elated to pull up to the pearly white gates and get the golden key, it took the form of a small building with reception stamped across, the key in the form of a swipe card. The angel at the gate pointed us in the direction of our saviour called the ‘Dina Lodge’.

We walked through the doors of the lodge looking dishevelled and with hunger striking, not knowing what to expect. We were welcomed with a little peace of heaven, a large open plan living room which Louie proceeded to burn off the energy he had accumulated on the long journey by running laps of the room screaming with excitement – I think if I had the energy I would have joined him. We then walked into the kitchen, also open plan, with a large dining area hosting an 8 seater table and a large, well equipped kitchen. A week of open plan living was about to begin. There were four big double bedrooms spread around the lodge with 2 lovely wet rooms… Ok that’s a little flaw in the heavenly plan. Trying to shower a baby and a two-year old is slightly stressful, babies plus showers mean a slippery scary time but we got by without too much hassle… I am told that some of the other villas do have baths.

We settled in to our piece of heaven and began to relax, going through the brochure planning things to do. We’re talking spa, activities galore for all ages and a fantastic swimming pool.

We set about booking in our weeks activities on the easy to use Internet system. Messy play for Louie, a meal at the Oak Tree restaurant and baby sensory for Evie all booked and planned in… And relax. Feet up, babies settled to sleep in the nice travel cots provided, now it was Mummy and Daddy time.

The hubs made a dash to the village square to pick up a Fish and Chip takeaway from the on site trailer. We’re not talking the usual kebab van outside the local nightclub, we’re talking a plush trailer with gormet fish and chips which is open until 10. They were yummy and just what was needed after unpacking and settling in.

The next morning the heavens opened: not something Bluestone can help with unfortunately, So we headed straight to the indoor activity centre. This is a toddlers dream, Louie’s eyes lit up with excitement as he eyed up the soft play centre, bouncy castle, mini golf and indoor trikes, which may I add is free to everyone on site.




After spending most of the day zooming at lightening speed from one activity to another we headed upstairs to the Wild Wood Cafe. A cafe with a wonderful tree sprouting from the middle of the room, sounds of birds tweeting and even a few elves and fairies danced around. In the corner was a little cove for kiddies to enjoy, chill out on the bean bags and watch a film whilst mummy and daddy enjoyed a drink and bite to eat in peace.

The next day we decided enough was enough with walking in the rain so we hired a golf buggy. This was something the husband had been eyeing up since we entered the park! Our little buggy named Cerrie became our best buddy, loading all four of us on with pushchair and all, getting us from A to B. It was something Louie loved, sitting up front with daddy, it’s something he will probably talk about for the next few weeks if not months.

Messy play was a mega hit with Christmas themed activities. The lady who ran it was super friendly and Louie formed an attachment to her straight away. After an hour of painting, water pouring, glitter throwing and straw and sand digging Louie was knackered and ready for a nap. We headed to the on site shop for some lunch ingredients before heading back to the lodge. The shop had everything we could want from fruit, veg, bread, canned goods, pasta and wine.. Lots of wine.



We headed back to the lodge for nap times and lunch. That afternoon the rain had eased so we headed out to investigate the grounds on foot. Absolutely Beautiful. A lovely lake, a quant village, lots and lots of mature trees, hills and trails to follow, all of which Louie and Evie loved.



That night we went to the on site Oak Tree restaurant, the food was scrummy. Italian food with a twist is how I would describe it but then I’m no foodie. I had the rump of lamb, the hubs a pizza and Louie the penne pasta all of which get the thumbs up from us.

The next day was swim day, the pool is a dream for children. We’re talking warm water, a pirate ship, jets and sprayers, lazy rivers and waves. Evie giggled her way through it all and Louie was too excited to even talk! Every part of the pool was designed with children in mind.. Even the changing rooms were large enough fit in all the family.

That night it was firework night and Bluestone put on a show, we followed this up with a trip to the Knights Tafern, the local on site pub. It served up some good pub grub with roaring fires and even had a bit of bingo playing if that tickles your fancy.


We headed back to the lodge to get the kids down to sleep and have a few glasses of wine from the bottle we’d picked up from on site shop.

There was no bottle opener to be found amongst the massive supply of cutlery, pans and crockery, which is quite a major issue for me…. If you don’t drink then you’ll be fine… If you do remember to pack your own.

The next day it was time for home, we were sad to leave after having such an amazing time. This place was brilliant not only for the kids who loved ever part of it, it was also great for adults alike. Would I recommend? I already have to all friends and family! We are also planning our next trip.

Would I change anything? Not really, no bath and bottle opener are the only faults I could find and they are minor.

So check it out… Now before you get twitchy… Yes I was gifted this holiday for the purpose of a review but I promise this is a very honest account of our experience.

Charlie xx

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