What’s in our Christmas Eve Box?

Hey Everyone,

Sorry we’ve been off radar for the last few days but things have been crazy busy! Here is Vlogmas day 12, its What’s in our Christmas Eve box, hope you enjoy and remember to click subscribe if you want to see more. xx


2 thoughts on “What’s in our Christmas Eve Box?

  1. I loved this video (I did see this at Christmas time but never get chance to get on the computer these days ha) anyway I love the crate and the ‘Twas the night before Christmas’, I really want to get a similar box at some point as you can use them again every year. I like the idea of not personalising these kind of things incase you have more children, I actually wish I had the same idea! I had to buy another Santa plate for the girls last Christmas as we now have our little Summer! I love all of the different bits and bobs you added, some great ideas! x

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    1. Thanks Steph, The crate is literally my fav Christmas item we own because I know we will use it for years and years and will be a massive part of our traditions. I really want to do a plate too but know we’ll be adding to the brood in the no so distant future so going to hang off for a couple of years xxx


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