A Day in the life of a Mum with a Toddler and a Baby

Hey Everyone,

So I know I’ve been promising to write some more blog posts but it seems I have lost my writing mojo! Its gone, hopefully to be seen again sometime soon! I have a LOT of blog posts sitting in my drafts folder but when I read them I just think they are PANTS!

I’m sorry for being a rubbish blogger of late, it appears I cant do it all! I hate failing and it completely feels I am failing of late. I’ve been laying awake at night thinking of good posts to write all of which seem such a good idea at 2am, come 10am I realise just how much of a sucky idea it was, common-sense prevails.

Anyway as I fight my blogging demons here is a little video we filmed last week. Its a day in the life of a Mummy with a Toddler and Baby. It mainly consists of me moaning about being cold, Louie getting his Great British Bake off on and Evie point blank refusing to nap!

Hope you enjoy- remember to click subscribe to my You Tube channel, it really does mean a lot me little old me.


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